Jungle Dance

Published 5 months ago
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Jungle Dance
Published 5 months ago


Only a few pages into the African redemptive story and will be tempted to repeatedly ask who sinned and/or what is the offence as if there is any known measure of munificence that can supplant obedience before the heavens? In the land where there are no rules, it is rude to tag rude scenes as sins. As such, it follows that when indulgence becomes the only solace for the solitary sparrow on the roof, no seeing eye would be spared the soreness that seeing its upshot brings.
You will wish the whole story were rewritten. Or the ill-done was not done. Oh! That an uncontrollable wail of trepidation mixed up in touching tears would avail. But the worst has struck! The unclaimed pregnancy gotten in shame is due to be born. And refusal to do as instructed will only bring added calamities, crash and cries on their only child on the campus.
Amzat is abandoned like an owl left to itself in the jungle only to master an art of woe and acts at the detriment of her soul with shocking abandon. Sheu’s accusing finger still points in grave frenzy at the distraught couple he calls the architects of all misfortune that befall the poor girl. But as much as the story calls to mind that naira is not all that builds a child and gives a bright future, who will advocate the inquisitive lad who chose to try candle flames between both laps on the account that the Dad availed him with fat dollar to splurge around?
Truly the grown-up who abandoned the toddle in the jungle to experience all of nature by himself only leaves the child at the mercy of wild animals to devour. The attending harm will be huge, and he will have himself to blame. But how tragic for him who wastes his youth piling up sad stories he will never love to tell the unborn generations. This is a book to read between its lines, and the disappearance of Abdul will make deeper sense to you how reality leaves rebels to boogie the dance of shame unaided?
Youths, who bewitched us? How correct that even with a first-class from the university we are never a complete graduate until we allow the campus environment to pass through us? Are there still believers whose joy is making a difference with a determined stand against letting the campus pass through them only to leave a crack in their lives? How deplorable painting the town red, my life I make a wretch! The record is on the increase how hordes of born-again believers are compromising their faith on the campus, in the workplaces, in business, in relationships, and just think of it. But it is so encouraging to see that Bùkólá does not lose her head.
Parents’ efforts at restoring the truth to Amzat’s life paid off. For the first time, she forsook all her bad ways and faced her studies squarely so much that with the backing of God, she graduated with fair certificate. What about your friends? Bùkólá who knew the Lord early in life and meant business, becomes a business supermo in Kenya while Mótólá dies of AIDS along the way. It does not end there. Amzat suffers the scars even as a saint that she later becomes. In one way or the other they pay a price for their past atrocities.
But that cannot be all to the full story, and what qualifies it as a redemptive drama that it is! There is no apprehension that some might likely find the finale of the whole matter somewhat irksome as if the substance of our salvation cannot straighten the crooked before us. It is never too late to right the wrong; it is always best not to learn hard lesson firsthand!
Stay connected and be blessed. Vast revelations await you as you take out time to read through the script.


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